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The Effects of Marijuana During Pregnancy

Pot and pregnancy don't mix. Marijuana contains over 300 chemicals. The active ingredient, THC (tetra-hydro-cannabinol) influences brain chemistry in a way similar to alcohol. It affects your memory and slows your thinking and reflexes.

Marijuana has been shown to affect babies, too.

We know that marijuana crosses the placenta, and can be found in the newborn's body for up to a month after a single use. Just like smoking tobacco, it causes less oxygen and food to get to the baby. This factor alone affects your baby's growth and brain development. Newborns of mothers who have used marijuana throughout pregnancy cry more. Some studies suggest that children exposed to marijuana while in the womb are at increased risk for attention disorders and learning problems that might not show up until school age.

Some say that they smoked marijuana and their baby seems fine.

They might have been lucky. There is much we don't know about how marijuana affects developing babies. Marijuana is used in different strengths, mixed with other drugs and even sprayed with weed killers when it is grown. These factors all make any pot use during pregnancy risky.

So what can you do?

There are many things you can do. If you smoke pot and are sexually active, use birth control every time.

And if you are trying to get pregnant or think you might be pregnant - even if there's just a chance - stay away from marijuana.

To give your child the best chance to grow up healthy and to be successful in school, don't expose your baby to marijuana while you're pregnant.

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